April 26, 2024

DELUMPER® Bulk Bag Unloader (BBU) Unloads and Conditions Product

Jane Cooper

The DELUMPER® Bulk Bag Unloader (BBU) is a heavily constructed system designed for convenient unloading materials even if they contain lumps and agglomerates. This unit employs a gyrator to effectively fluidize the materials for dependable discharge from the bags. Then, a heavy-duty built-in DELUMPER crusher conditions and freshens the product. The result is an effective pre-engineered unloading and product conditioning system built to DELUMPER quality and dependability standards.

The BBU is designed for trouble-free operation and is supplied with a rubber-coated nylon flex sleeve and rubber isolators, allowing the machine to run quietly and with low vibration. An electric hoist with pendant allows for easy mounting of the bulk bag and a valve is supplied for controlling the discharge flow rate. The DELUMPER BBU’s streamlined design is designed for low maintenance with very few moving parts and rugged construction throughout.

The unit’s DELUMPER Crusher features heavy-duty construction built to the highest quality standards. The crusher features a one-piece body, low noise or vibration, precision construction and effective shaft seals. It is available in several styles in either carbon steel or stainless steel construction.

The system is supplied with a control system that fully integrates all functions.

Options for the DELUMPER BBU Bulk Bag Unloader include sanitary finish, full stainless steel construction, discharge flexible screw conveyor, load cells for weight metering, auxiliary manual bag dump built-in to feed small batches and ingredients, and special sizes and engineered solutions to meet specific requirements.

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