April 26, 2024

A Clean Sweep with the Delumper® Bagstation™

Jane Cooper

The Delumper Bagstation™ is a pre-engineered bag dump system designed for efficient unloading, de-agglomerating and freshening of lumpy bagged solids while efficiently introducing them into a production process. These units are designed to facilitate convenient manual opening of small to medium sized bags without creating a dusty environment. But what's more, this system incorporates a built-in Delumper® processor to reduce agglomerates and lumps and facilitates uniform product flow while the bags are being emptied. The units are provided in several optional configurations to fit specific application requirements.

The included Delumper Model 1077L features a heavy body construction with 12" x 12" throat opening, a 5HP 230/460 v. 3 phase motor and drive, smooth interior finish, individually replaceable teeth, shaft seals and more. To read more, click here.

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