April 26, 2024

Introducing the DEFINER® KM Series Rotary Knife Mills

Jane Cooper

Introducing DEFINER® KM Series Rotary Knife Mills for fine particle size reduction and uniform particle size distribution. The DEFINER® KM series mills employ high shear knives that quickly and efficiently cut solids to the desired output size without over grind or excessive fines.

DEFINER Mills can quickly reduce high volumes of product and achieve uniform particle size distribution. The unique, proprietary cutting mechanism is designed to minimize heat rise or product overwork typically associated with conventional processing equipment such as hammer mills.

Rotary Knife Mill Uses

DEFINER knife mills deliver consistent particle output while maintaining product integrity. They effectively handle such materials as hemp, spices, cannabis and more. Whatever the application, the heavy, precision construction of the DEFINER KM delivers reliable operation and maximum machine uptime with minimal maintenance.

Sizes and Availability

These units are available in various models and sizes to handle a capacity ranges from 125 lbs. per hour (56 kg/hr) to 5000 lbs. per hour (2272 kg/hr) or more, depending on the application.

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