April 26, 2024

Case Study: TASKMASTER® TM8500 – Shreds Plastic With Ease

Jane Cooper

Problem: A major chemical company had a problem with safe disposal of contaminated plastic trays. The plastic trays needed to be cleaned and separated from the contaminated material and then shredded to a size that could be easily disposed of.

Solution: The plastic trays were washed and separated from the hazardous material and the cleaned plastic was shredded to the required size in the TASKMASTER® TM8500 Shredder.

The TASKMASTER TM8500 Industrial Shredder is a heavy-duty, highly versatile disintegrator that requires minimal maintenance. The TM8500 Shredder reduces tough solids with an effective low speed, high torque twin-shaft shredding action. It features a unique CUTTER CARTRIDGE technology. The multi-tooth CUTTER CARTRIDGE® combines individual cutter and spacer disks resulting in marked increase in cutter strength. The result is the reduction of the need for maintenance such as stack retightening and increased longevity.

The TASKMASTER Industrial Shredder is equipped with hardened alloy steel hex shafts and an extremely reliable mechanical seal system. The cutting chamber could be supplied to up to 60″ long. Options include flange adapters that convert the unit into a powerful inline processor.


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