April 26, 2024

Case Study: TASKMASTER® Chip Destruction System Solves Black Market Problem

Jane Cooper

A major “chip” manufacturer had a security problem. Truckloads of valuable chips were exposed to pilferage. Each drum of chips was worth more than it’s weight in gold, making it a tempting target. As a result, substandard chips were showing up on the black market. A solution was needed urgently. That’s when the company turned to Franklin Miller Inc for a solution.

A complete TASKMASTER® chip loading and shredding system was developed and provided by FMI to solve the problem. This system consisted of a heavy-duty TASKMASTER TM2330 twin shaft industrial shredder with special tool-steel cutters. Also included was a feeder, drum dumper and load cell to determine when the discharge container was full.

According to the project manager, “The complete system worked flawlessly.” He continued, “This system made a big difference to our security and cut down on black market activity.” Several additional systems were purchased for international plants.

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