April 26, 2024


Jane Cooper

Supreme Roll Mill

Problem: A manufacturer needed a mill that could finely reduce highly abrasive glass beads without creating excessive fines and while controlling dust.

Solution: The manufacturer heard about the Franklin Miller’s ROLL MILL and decided to give them a try. After trying their material on a test unit at the factory they found the performance and output to be just what they were looking for. It quickly reduced the beads to their desired output range without any problem.

ROLL MILL provides dependable fine reduction of a wide variety of solids with an efficient once-through milling action. These units can produce an output in a narrower, more controllable particle size range than other size reduction methods.

ROLL MILL employs dual counter-rotating smooth, serrated or grooved rolls that mill, pinch and crack solids to an output range between 13 and 150 mesh without degrading the valuable qualities of the feed material and with low dust. Roll gaps are variable to fine tune the particle size discharged. These units can efficiently reduce such materials as salt, polymers, chemicals, grain, coffee, glass and more.

The unit supplied was in carbon steel construction. To control the glass dust a special output enclosure was supplied with for integration with a dust filter system.

An additional port was supplied for introduction of a negative pressure in the milling area as well.

The unit also features serrated 10″ x 10″ rolls, variable roll gap, a hopper feed regulator, automatic spring overload relief, an over-sized hopper and an automatic electrical controller.

Franklin Miller provides the ROLL MILL in a variety of sizes from 10″ x 10″ up to 20″ x 60″ in carbon as well as stainless steel construction.

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