April 26, 2024

Case Study: SPIRALIFT® SC Solves Screenings Disposal Problem

Jane Cooper

The City of Collinsville had a problem. The screenings coming off from their bar screen were odorous, wet and costly to dispose of. Three container loads a week of screenings were very costly to dispose of. Initial tests of a screenings washer were discouraging. Although the unit worked well initially, it quickly broke a shaft on the shredder. That's when the town turned to Franklin Miller Inc. for a better solution.

Franklin Miller supplied a SPIRALIFT® SC, screenings conditioner to the town to test in the application. The operators were impressed with the rugged construction of the unit. After installation, the unit quickly went to work grinding and then washing the screenings. The results were excellent. The output was extremely dry and clean and the unit handled the tough screenings without any problem. That's when Collinsville decided to convert the trial into a purchase.

Since installation the unit has worked extremely well. What used to require 3 containers now fits in one container per week, resulting in a substantial savings in disposal. Furthermore, odorous screenings are no longer a problem. The output comes out extremely clean, dry and homogeneous for easy disposal.

The SPIRALIFT SC consists of two units in one package. First, a rugged 10HP TASKMASTER® TM1600 grinder reduces the screenings to small pieces exposing surface area for thorough subsequent washing. The solids then drop into the wash portion of the unit, which consists of a wash-press. As the unit's auger conveys the solids, they are intensively washed in a water spray. Contaminants are washed down the unit drain and enter the sewage plant for further processing. The solids are de-watered in the SPIRALIFT press zone and ejected into a bin or conveyor.

Says the plant operator, "We found no other unit that was as ruggedly constructed and durable as the SPIRALIFT SC."

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