April 26, 2024

Case Study: Sewage Plant Transformed

Jane Cooper

Taskmaster TM8500

The Valley Forge Pump Station receives daily on average 500000 gallon influent. It has been in operation for about 20 years. While visiting Valley Forge Sewage Plant the plant operator, Jim Brennan, informed us that they have a TASKMASTER® TM8500 Grinder installed in front of the pumps, to eliminate the clogging problem. This hydraulically driven TASKMASTER Grinder has been installed for about 4- 1/2 years. “So far it has been a pretty good unit. It has been submerged a few times and no problem whatsoever.” The system is set up so that the stream from two channels goes through the TASKMASTER. There is a mechanical Bar Screen located alongside the grinder to handle the overflow. Since the grinder was installed, the working time for the bar screen has been reduced tremendously. In the previous installation, the bar screen had to be raked at least once a day. Mr. Brennan likes to emphasis the easy aspect of maintenance “It is easy maintenance with the TASKMASTER.”

“Twice a year we go over it and other than that, just wash it down. The cartridge part of the cutter is a pretty good idea. If the cutter gets dull (which hasn’t happened yet), restack them for longer life; you could exchange the top with the bottom. We had other units but I like the TM better, no major problem with it. It is a good smooth installation. No more stupid alarms in the middle of the night. I would personally recommend it (the TASKMASTER Grinder unit).”

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