April 26, 2024

Case Study: DELUMPER® Chews Up Meat Products Pumping Problem

Jane Cooper

PROBLEM: Maxton Meat Processors, Inc. in Maxton, NC, was experiencing a major pumping problem of their difficult to transport meat products.

As part of their process, Maxton employed a pumping system to transport the meat solids at 200 psi. The chicken parts mixed with powders and oils had a tendency to lump up, plugging their pipeline system, preventing the material from being pumped through the system pipes before further processing. Their pumps were clogging and bridging was occurring within the pipeline system. The result was a frequent need to dismantle and clean out the piping. The plugged pumps required frequent maintenance. When production schedules were not being met an urgent solution was called for.

SOLUTION: Franklin Miller engineers, working closely with Maxton, determined that a PIPELINE DELUMPER® would most likely solve the problem. Initially skeptical that this inline unit could handle the difficult solids encountered in their system, Maxton agreed to put a unit in on a rental basis.

The results were immediate and impressive. The solids and agglomerates were intensively processed and disintegrated by the forceful intermeshing of the unit’s cutting elements. Not only did the frequent plugging problems cease, but the need for pump tear down was eliminated as well. Based on the results of the initial rental, the unit was purchased by Maxton.

The PIPELINE DELUMPER is an inline, pressure rated, flanged unit that employs a rugged bar grating and impeller both constructed of stainless steel. The cutting elements in this case were provided with a fused coated hardfacing of chrome boride. The unit is driven by an electric motor and drive.

These pressure rated units are provided with a choice of packings, double or single mechanical seals or gas seals. The units are available for pipe sized of 3″ through 24.”

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