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Wastewater Grinders

Franklin Miller’s broad line of wastewater grinders and macerators are designed to meet a variety of demanding application requirements. The Taskmaster®, Taskmaster TITAN®, Super Shredder®, and Dimminutor® sewage grinders are each designed to provide specific solutions. As a result, these processors lead the industry in both reliability and performance. These units have features that make them industry leading for reliability and ease of maintenance. They reduce a wide variety of materials including wipes, rags, wood, paper, shoes, sludge, and more.

Employed inline or in-channel, Franklin Miller grinders are proven to reduce pump clogging, protect process and dewatering equipment, and keep wastewater systems running. Whether your requirement is a new installation or an upgrade, Franklin Miller grinders fit your requirements.

Franklin Miller Inc. has been on the cutting edge of wastewater grinder technology since designing the first inline grinder nearly 50 years ago.

Video: Watch The Full Line of Franklin Miller Grinders In Action

Taskmaster® TM8500 Grinder
In-Channel Grinder
TASKMASTER® TM8500 Duplex Grinder
Duplex In-Line Grinder
Taskmaster® TM8500 Inline Grinders
In-line Grinder
TASKMASTER® Titan Grinder
High Flow In-Channel Grinder
Taskmaster Titan® Duplex Grinder
Dual In-Line Grinder
Taskmaster® TM1600 Grinder
In-Channel Grinder
Channel Comminutor
Super Shredder®
Inline Grinder
Taskmaster® TT Grinder
Rock Trap
Taskmaster® Manhole
Prefrabricated Manhole
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