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Metal Shredders

Taskmaster® Twin Shaft Industrial Shredders quickly and efficiently reduce light or heavy metal products. These high torque low speed shredders have a long history of helping with metal recycling, recovery, and destruction. They can handle many different types of metals with ease including steel drums, sheet metal, metal scrap, and discarded parts. Taskmaster Shredders are designed to provide effective operation with low noise, sparking, dust or heat rise. Our metal shredding equipment is built with the attention to detail, quality and longevity that has made Franklin Miller an industry leader since 1918.

Video: Watch our Taskmaster Shredder In Action
TASKMASTER® TM2300 Shredder
Up to 40 HP Shredder
Taskmaster® TM3000 Shredder
Up to 75HP Shredder
Taskmaster® TM4000 Shredder
Up to 150 HP Shredder