Complete lineComplete Line of Industrial Grinders and Mixers

Pipeline DelumperPipeline Delumper®
Inline Processor

Taskmaster Inline ProcessorTaskmaster®
Inline Grinder

PCM Pipeline MixerPCM
Pipeline Mixer

super shredderSuper Shredder®

Spiralift SLSpiralift® SL
Fine Screen


Complete lineComplete Line of Industrial Crushers, Mills and Processors

Delumper LDelumper® L
Series Roll

Delumper LPDelumper® LP
Low Friction

Delumper DC 12Delumper® DC1200
Compact Twin-Shaft

Delumper Twin LPDelumper® Twin LP
Twin Shaft

Delumper HMDelumper® HM
Severe Duty

Delumper S4Delumper® S4

Sanitary Mill

Supreme Roll MillSupreme™ Roll

Dual Roll Fine Mills

Bag Dump Stations

Delumper Bag StationDelumper® Bagstation


Rubber Bale

Screening & Screening

Complete lineComplete Line of Wastewater Screening Equipment

Spiralift SLSpiralift® SL
Fine Screen

Spiralift SLXSpiralift® SLX
Heavy Duty

Spiralift SCSpiralift® SC

Spiralift SRSpiralift® SR
Septage Receiving

Screenmaster SPScreenmaster® SP
Perforated Plate Screen

Screenmaster CSScreenmaster CS ®
Bar Screen

FMI Systems

Franklin Miller Engineered SystemsFMI System
Custom Systems


Wastewater Sewage Grinders

Grinding Equipment

Franklin Miller pioneered the in-line sludge disintegrator nearly 30 years ago and has been an innovative force in wastewater treatment ever since. Today, Franklin Miller has the most comprehensive and advanced line of wastewater comminutors, sludge grinders and screens in the world! We offer innovative and exciting solutions for open channel, inline or gravity applications. Whether your requirement is a new installation or an upgrade, FMI's broad line of processors can fill your need.

TASKMASTER grinders have proven invaluable in improving plant operations worldwide!

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Taskmaster TM8500
  Taskmaster® TM8500
The Taskmaster TM8500 Grinders reduce solids to fine particles with a positive self-feeding mechanism. Read more about the TM8500 grinder.
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Taskmaster Inline  

Taskmaster® Inline Grinders
TASKMASTER inline grinders are designed for effectiveness, simplicity and durability. These units have features that make them like no other. Read more about the Taskmaster Inline Grinder.

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Taskmaster Titan
  Taskmaster® Titan
This powerful channel grinder features a major innovation in twin shaft grinding technology. The result is improved performance in both grinding and liquids handling. Read more about the Titan grinder .
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Taskmaster Titan
  Taskmaster® Titan TM22000
This next generation channel grinder combines industrial shredding performance with a high flow capability for the industry’s most powerful grinder design. Read more about the Titan 22000 grinder .
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TM 1600

Taskmaster® TM1600
These twin shaft grinders are suitable for the really tough wastewater grinding jobs such as prison waste, screenings as well as solids shredding applications. Read more about the TM1600 grinder.

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Taskmaster® TM8500D Duplex
The Taskmaster® Duplex (TM8500D) channel grinder features twice the cutting area and flow capability of a single TM8500 without adding any additional power requirement. Read more about the TM8500 Duplex grinder.

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Taskmaster® Titan Duplex
The Taskmaster® Titan Duplex (TM14000D) builds on the Titan's major innovation in twin shaft channel grinding technology. The Titan combines powerful channel grinding capability with high flow capacity and low headloss. Read more about the Titan Duplex grinder.

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The DIMMINUTOR provides the first line of defense in a wastewater treatment plant headworks or pump station. The Dimminutor is heavily constructed for long life and dependable operation. Read more about the Dimminutor.
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Super Shredder
  Super Shredder® Disintegrator
This inline unit finely reduces tough wastewater solids and more with its unique, high flow, low headloss design. Read more about the Super Shredder Disintegrator.

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Grinder Manhole

  FRP Manhole
Taskmaster grinders are now available complete with a pre-engineered FRP manhole. Installation is a snap ­ simply dig a hole, drop it in and hook it up! Read more about the FRP Manhole.
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Taskmaster TT

TASKMASTER TT Receiving Station

By combining a TASKMASTER TT grinder with a sophisticated control system that monitors and records hauler activity, this grinder and control system streamlines septage receiving operations.. Read more about the TASKMASTER TT Receiving Station.

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