Complete lineComplete Line of Industrial Grinders and Mixers

Pipeline DelumperPipeline Delumper®
Inline Processor

Taskmaster Inline ProcessorTaskmaster®
Inline Grinder

PCM Pipeline MixerPCM
Pipeline Mixer

super shredderSuper Shredder®

Spiralift SLSpiralift® SL
Fine Screen


Complete lineComplete Line of Industrial Crushers, Mills and Processors

Delumper LDelumper® L
Series Roll

Delumper LPDelumper® LP
Low Friction

Delumper DC 12Delumper® DC1200
Compact Twin-Shaft

Delumper Twin LPDelumper® Twin LP
Twin Shaft

Delumper HMDelumper® HM
Severe Duty

Delumper S4Delumper® S4

Sanitary Mill

Supreme Roll MillSupreme™ Roll

Dual Roll Fine Mills

Bag Dump Stations

Delumper Bag StationDelumper® Bagstation


Rubber Bale

Screening & Screening

Complete lineComplete Line of Wastewater Screening Equipment

Spiralift SLSpiralift® SL
Fine Screen

Spiralift SLXSpiralift® SLX
Heavy Duty

Spiralift SCSpiralift® SC

Spiralift SRSpiralift® SR
Septage Receiving

Screenmaster SPScreenmaster® SP
Perforated Plate Screen

Screenmaster CSScreenmaster CS ®
Bar Screen

FMI Systems

Franklin Miller Engineered SystemsFMI System
Custom Systems


Taskmaster® Industrial Shredders

Dual shaft, High Torque Shredders

Versatile Taskmaster® industrial shredders employ a low speed, high torque mechanism for powerful reduction of tough and bulky waste solids. The Taskmaster comprises a complete line of industrial shredders and shredding systems for a wide range of applications.

Taskmaster Industrial Shredders quickly reduce a variety of bulk solids.
- cut storage and disposal costs
- reduce scrap volume up to 80%
- aid in the safe disposal of sensitive, substandard or hazardous materials.

Taskmaster Industrial Shredders are twin-shaft, high torque shredders that have remarkable shredding capabilities on a wide range of materials including: packaging, hospital waste, aluminum cans, PET/HDPE bottles, computer printouts, manufacturing rejects, pharmaceutical rejects, glass/glass containers, plastic purgings and sprues, wood, skids, pallets, crates, steel drums, documents, hides, wastewater, concession waste, newspapers, and much more.

Taskmaster Industrial Shredders are available in a variety of models and sizes. They are provided with from 3hp to 125 hp motors and drives to meet most shredding applications. Typically, each unit is supplied complete with control, stand and standard hopper. Taskmaster Shredders can be supplied as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as part of a complete shredding system. Units can be provided for dry as well as wet or pressurized systems.

To learn more about Industrial Shredders, various applications, and the selection criteria click here.

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Taskmaster TH8500
  Taskmaster® TM8500
The TM8500 is a powerful shredder in a compact package. This unit can handle solid waste, wastewater solids, off-spec components, electronic parts, plastic items, cardboard, filters and more. Read more by clicking here.
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Taskmaster Titan

Taskmaster® Titan
The TITAN matches the shredding capability of units employing twice to three times the power and costing thousands more. Read more by clicking here.

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Taskmaster TM1600

Taskmaster® TM1600
The Taskmaster Model TM1600 is a powerful workhorse that can shred heavy solids in both gravity and liquid systems. Read more by clicking here.

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Taskmaster TM2300
  Taskmaster® TM2300
The TM2300 reduces rejects, waste, bulk bags, screenings, medical waste, bottles and containers, packaging, cardboard, hazardous waste, pallets, plastics, turnings, wood, documents, cans, and plastic drums. Read more by clicking here.
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Taskmaster TM2800 and TM3200
  Taskmaster® TM3000
These shredding powerhouses reduces: tires, pallets, steel drums, wood, documents en masse, hazardous waste, solid propellant, construction debris, automobile tires and manufactured items. Read more by clicking here.
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Taskmaster® TM4000
The TASKMASTER TM4000 is designed for the heaviest shredding applications and gets the tough jobs done quickly and efficiently with low maintenance. This unit features a 40-inch wide cutting chamber up to 72-inches long... Read more by clicking here.

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Taskmaster TM1620DS
  Taskmaster TM1620DS Enterprise Level Document Shredders
The Taskmaster TM1620DS Document Shredder, This unit shreds massive quantities of documents in minutes for centralized or mobile use. Read more by clicking here.
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Electronics Shredding
Electronics Shredding
See how Taskmaster Shredders solve difficult data and electronics security problems with their powerful shredding capability. Read more by clicking here.