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Taskmaster® Titan® TM14000-i

The Taskmaster® Titan TM14000-i packs the capability of shredders costing thousands more. This unit can reduce such items as packaging, wood, plastics, paper, wastewater, components, bottles and containers, waste materials, electronic components, bulky items, rejects, foodstuff, cardboard boxes, bottles, cd’s,  and more.

The Taskmaster Titan’s unique design employs two counter-rotating intermeshing banks of cutters with one cutting stack having a much smaller diameter than the second. The result is a high capacity, shredder with a substantial inlet opening size that does more with less power. The high profile hook gives it enhanced feeding properties, allowing it to more effectively grab objects with large shapes. The Taskmaster TITAN features a 5hp motor and gear drive, and cutting chambers with 14″ x 16″ to 14″ x 60″ (355x1524mm) inlet cutting chambers. The unit comes with individual cleaning tines and a single or optional double drive.


  • High Profile, Extra Grabbing Cutter Design
  • High Strength Cutting Chamber
  • Designed Specifically For Industrial Use
  • Small Footprint, High Capacity Design

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